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tamigoJan 16, 2024 9:10:10 AM5 min read

tamigo's 2023 product highlights

What did 2023 hold for our 300,000+ users across Europe? The landscape for retail and hospitality certainly presented challenges. But also, huge opportunities! 

“Our goal is to help you and your organisation focus on improving your business,” says tamigo’s CEO Jakob Toftgaard.  


With tamigo, you simplify operations, automate processes and facilitate collaboration. In 2023, we kept adding new smart features as well as efficient integrations, many of them inspired by dialogue with our customers across Europe. I hope you'll also find something relevant for you.

Jakob Toftgaard, CEO, tamigo


Read on for a selection of the exciting features and updates we released.  

New features

As your company grows and changes, your workforce management requirements change too. We continuously develop tamigo to match these evolving needswhether they’re related to entering a different market or complying with new regulations.  

🕛 Time clock for EU compliance

Deskless workers are used to registering hours with our digital time clock Touch, usually via our app or an on-site tablet. But due to the EU’s new time tracking laws, office workers will need to follow suit! That’s even though they have fixed hours.  

We’ve eased this transition by enabling Touch for tamigo’s browser version. Now your staff in HR, Payroll and beyond can log in with SSO and clock in/out directly on their work computer. It simplifies compliance to the new EU rules company wide.  

tamigo customers: Talk to our Support today about staying compliant by using tamigo Touch.

📅 AI-optimised scheduling

We continued to develop our partnership with RELEX, which feeds AI-driven workload forecasts and shift optimisations into tamigo’s scheduling tools.  

This empowers your planners to publish out compliant, high-quality shifts at the touch of a button. Learn why Finland’s best known pharmacy chain uses this integration.

Some other new updates to empower your daily work:

  • Plan ahead with vital KPIs: Simulate wage percentages on schedule templates.  
  • Enhance your view of employees’ available hours. Work on two different norm periods (the length of time defined for employees' standard shift cycle) at once.  
  • Simplify contract handling: Have the same document signed digitally by multiple stakeholders. 


We know how vital integrations are for your business. With tamigo at the heart of your tech stack, you unite your most important operational data: core employee records, sales numbers and correct worked hours.   

👫 Temp agency add-on

Temporary workers are an integral part of European hospitality. Many of our customers rely on them during high seasons, when it's challenging to find permanent staff. 

Through our new add-on, you can make shifts available to temp workers directly in tamigo. It works via an integration with their agency’s solution. Once the worker is approved for the shift, they’re created in tamigo, assigned the hours and get access to Touch. It’s the simple, legally compliant way to strengthen your planning. 

🔑 Access Control

Level up your security and save time having staff enter and exit locations with biometrics, key cards or passcodes. Then automatically send that clock-in/out data into timesheets in tamigo. The systems we integrate with include Abloy and EasySecure.

💰 HR & Payroll

tamigo integrates seamlessly to both your core HR and payroll systems, automatically syncing employee details, contracts and time and attendance records. This equals easier maintenance of your master data. And ensures an error-free flow of worked hours into payslips.

Some of our integrations include Microsoft Dynamics, ADP, Workday, SAP and SDWorx.   

tamigo customers: Talk to our Support today about your company’s HR and payroll integration opportunities with tamigo.

⌛ Time registration  

Your business might use tamigo Touch as your time clock. But if you use another solution, whether on-site or mobile, we integrate for accurate and seamless time and attendance recording.

Market-specific features

As a truly international solution, tamigo handles national differences. It’s configurable to different logics and regulations, so you can operate in, and across markets with peace of mind.

📆 Annualisation (France)

Annualisation is a way of planning in French hospitality and retail. It distributes working time over the course of a year, as long as weekly hours average out at 35.  

Annualisation is now supported in tamigo. Boost efficiency by planning for an entire year at once — increasing staff’s hours in peak periods and reducing them in quieter times. You can also easily colour code different weeks to match expected demand (strong, medium, etc.)  

🏖️ Regional bank holidays (Spain & Germany)

Bank Holidays aren’t always nationwide. In some European countries, they vary between different regions and local authorities.

Our new bank holiday tools support this variety — letting you create contract types that comply with national, regional, city or state rules. And giving you one single page to manage them all efficiently. 

Other selected features for European markets:

  • Approve holidays with peace of mind. Show future accrued balance when absence entitlement is not fixed (Denmark). 
  • Check hours and absences for special contracts. Generate a monthly overview report on ‘cadre’ employees (France). 
  • Adhere to labour law requirements: Export employees’ absence calendars to Excel for printing out (Portugal). 
  • Comply with GDPR: Auto-delete sickness certificates after a certain time (Germany). 

Usability improvements

However you use tamigo — as an employee, admin or planner — it should be simple. That’s the goal behind these usability improvements. Small but significant tweaks to make your daily work easier and more enjoyable. 

Now you can:

  • Set your availability as an employee in the tamigo app 
  • Withdraw a bid on a shift before it’s accepted or rejected 
  • Copy and paste shifts in tamigo’s scheduling pages 
  • Apply coordinates to improve the accuracy of geofencing for Touch 
  • Search for employees in tamigo by employee ID as well as name  
  • Send requests for shift swaps, bids or vacations to multiple planners 

More to come from tamigo in 2024

We never stop developing new features to make your work faster and easier! Our Product Owner Dominik Nalepa is very excited for 2024.  

If you’re a tamigo customer, you can contact Support to learn more about any of the features in this article. And don’t forget to keep up with our latest development via our Release Notes.   


One of the things in the pipeline for this year: a big improvement to the usability of tamigo’s scheduling pages.

Dominik Nalepa, Product Owner, tamigo


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