5 reasons not to miss our workforce planning webinar

This year we launched our Better Workforce Management webinar series.

It began on April 6th with: The true potential of retail workforce planning.  

Intrigued? You can sign up to see the complete recording here. Or read on to learn why it’s a must watch for retailers.  

What’s the webinar about?  

Making your workforce planning more efficient. Why’s this worth discussing?  

Well, employees are your greatest asset – bit of a cliché at this point but it still holds true! And to succeed in such a competitive sector, retailers need to unlock every last bit of their workforce’s potential.  

You want employees in the right place, at the right time, doing what they do best. Achieving this in retail, where you have to balance capacity and demand, staff costs, labour laws, and many other factors, is complicated.  

In the webinar, we cover the new, data-driven approach that top retailers are taking to workforce planning.  

Here’s just some of the results they're achieving:

  • Reduced labour costs 
  • Higher retention rates 
  • Operations aligned across locations

5 reasons it’s a must watch for retailers 

Your webinar host is tamigo’s Head of Implementation Karin Mærsk-Møller. She’s joined by special guest Max Mononen, Head of Product, Workforce at RELEX Solutions

Here's five reasons to watch their discussion. 

1. We’re tackling issues every retailer faces  

High staff turnover rates. Spiralling labour costs. The rise of e-commerce. Max and Karin examine the retail landscape in 2022 – trends, challenges and the areas ripe for improvement.  

2. You’ll learn how businesses are reducing staff costs 

Retailers’ shift planning is getting smarter. Managers can now factor in KPIs, budgets, footfall data and more as they build schedules. And Head Office have a far clearer overview of performance in every region, store and department. 

3. You’ll hear how retailers are retaining employees 

By putting a new focus on employee engagement, retailers are counteracting the Great Resignation’s effects. Flexible scheduling and instant, company-wide communication are key. 

4. We’ll be talking about real customer cases 

Our customers span the retail spectrum - from supermarkets to clothes stores. At tamigo, we’re proud to count retailers like ALDI, Intersport and 7-Eleven as users. RELEX Solutions’ customers include Coop, Sephora and WHS Smith.  

Further reading: How ALDI Denmark save their managers 30 minutes of admin a day.

5. You’ll learn what steps your retail business can take 

From workload forecasting to workforce management, Max and Karin share how to optimise your own staff planning by making it more efficient and data-driven.

Who are your webinar speakers? 

Karin Mærsk-Møller (Head of Implementation, tamigo) has 6 years’ experience helping customers implement a new way of working with tamigo. She’s overseen the successful roll-out of our WFM solution across dozens of enterprise companies, mainly within the retail space. 

Max Mononen (Head of Product, Worforce, RELEX Solutions) is focused on developing the best possible workload forecasting and shift optimization capabilities for future-looking retailers. He’s worked in tens of implementations and consulting projects for customers worldwide. 




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