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tamigoOct 20, 2022 1:56:09 PM3 min read

tamigo Chat: Engage staff with fast and secure internal communication

In the fast-paced worlds of retail and hospitality, clear communication is key to driving productivity and retention.

With the recent launch of tamigo Chat, let’s look at the benefits an employee communication app can bring.

Internal staff communication: Keeping everyone on the same page

Businesses thrive on clear internal communication.

It gives employees the knowledge and confidence to their jobs, while fostering a sense of belonging throughout your business — no matter how many locations you operate.

For retail and hospitality companies, that raises an important question:

How to enable this effective internal communication?

Afterall, your workforce is deskless and working different shifts. In-person communication simply isn’t practical. Not for managers delivering info on daily operations. And not for HQ, sharing important company news. 

That's where streamlined and secure communication on one platform comes in. And even better if your staff already use that platform every day.

Screenshots showing a company message in tamigo Chat

What is tamigo Chat?

tamigo Chat is an instant messaging tool for retail and hospitality businesses.

Available as an add-on for the tamigo mobile app, it provides a dedicated hub for work conversations between managers and employees. Instead of messages sent out across emails, SMS and social media, everything's in one place!

Facilitate dialogues around schedules, tasks, company news, holidays and more. And see the positive impact on employee engagement and productivity.

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How does tamigo Chat work?

In look and feel, tamigo Chat is similar to other app-based messaging platforms.

But a key difference comes with who can send messages to whom. That’s because chats are divided into two types:  

Personal messages

Personal messages are private chats and can be sent and replied to by users who share a common department in tamigo.

It’s the easy way for employees to discuss things like swapping shifts, who’s working when or getting help with a task. And it’s also a direct line of communication to their manager.

Company messages

These are announcements on behalf of your company and can only be sent by tamigo users with the Admin or Planner roles. They cannot be replied to.

Company messages are perfect for delivering updates to groups of employees. That could be a specific department, staff who share the same roles across departments (e.g., cashiers) or the entire company.

For sharing important news with the right people, company messages can’t be beaten.

Screenshots showing recipient list and message writing in tamigo Chat

What are the benefits of an employee communication app?

Here's four reasons why Chat is great for retail and hospitality.

1. Centralised team communication

Leave behind scattered conversations over social media, emails and texts.

With tamigo Chat, everyone in your business knows where to find the latest information. Confusion is avoided and productivity levels get a boost.

2. Automatically updated contacts

Chat is fully integrated with the rest of tamigo’s all-in-one workforce management solution. Contacts are always updated in line with your master employee data, eliminating the need to maintain another list.

3. More privacy for employees

tamigo Chat helps staff separate their work and private lives.

To contact a co-worker, there's no longer a need to share phone numbers or social media profiles. Instead, team members are instantly contactable in tamigo. Zero personal information is exchanged.

4. Improved security

Gathering internal communication onto one platform increases your control and oversight. tamigo is fully GDPR compliant, and we offer a range of additional security features, including SSO login for your staff.

Book your free tamigo Chat demo

tamigo Chat is available as a paid add-on for existing tamigo customers.

If you're excited about Chat’s possibilities, you can book a free Chat demo or contact your tamigo Customer Success Manager. 


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