Cheers to that! How Scotch & Soda keeps everyone updated with tamigo

When you hear their name, you can see their clothes. Classic. Simple. Timeless. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the fashion brand Scotch & Soda have been a high street fixture since the 1980s, and now have over 200 stores worldwide.

A user-friendly solution

Like many businesses, Scotch & Soda’s workforce management was, for a long time, Excel-based. Spreadsheets were used to laboriously track absences and to plan employees’ shifts.

By 2018, the company was on the hunt for a smarter solution. Top priority was finding something which better served their staff’s day-to-day needs. tamigo’s user-friendly app fit the bill.

“My colleagues love it — tamigo is very easy to use!”, says HR Manager Mirijana Krstanovic. “The staff in stores are mostly using the tamigo app to schedule shifts, time off and to check their worked hours.”

For Mirijana, tamigo also proved handy for engaging employees in HR projects.

“We have been sending out SMSs and emails through tamigo to our employees inviting them to our yearly survey on employee satisfaction. This has helped us a lot getting more colleagues to participate in the survey.”

Keeping spirits up during tough times

In March 2020, Europe went into lockdown. All 35 Scotch & Soda stores in Germany and Austria had to be temporarily closed.

In this time of uncertainty, communication between management and employees took on even greater importance. tamigo’s front page (the first thing employees see when they open the app) came into its own.

“The easiest way for us to reach all our colleagues has been the tamigo front page”, explains Mirijana. “We shared updates and internal information about the situation and workflows. Moreover, our CEO sent out a letter to all employees to give some encouragement, that we also shared via tamigo.”


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