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tamigoDec 7, 2023 10:48:17 AM2 min read

BabyOne franchise chooses tamigo for more demand-orientated planning

The Stuttgart-based BabyOne franchise owned by Christian Stoll and Christina Stoll is introducing tamigo to optimise workforce management processes at all their stores.   

By enabling flexible, demand-oriented duty scheduling and legally compliant working time recording, the company is laying the foundation for even greater efficiency and employee satisfaction.  

A family business with the courage to change

With over 100 specialist stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, BabyOne is the largest retailer of baby and toddler products in the DACH region.

The four locations in Heilbronn, Waiblingen, Göppingen and Senden are managed by franchise entrepreneurs and founders Christian and Christina Stoll. 

Before the introduction of tamigo, recording working hours was cumbersome. Although admins were able to view employees' working hours, employees on the shop floor had to clock in and out manually using chips on stationary terminals. 

After taking over the company, it was clear to Christian and Christina Stoll that a modernisation of personnel planning and time recording was essential.

"We wanted a personnel planning and time recording system that was more functional than the existing one," explains Christian. "We also wanted to modernise and centralise our processes with a mobile app."

Seamless processes and more efficient workflows

The Stolls wanted a modern solution that would increase the company's efficiency. They chose tamigo's cloud-based workforce management solution due to several decisive factors:  

  • User-friendly for both employees on the floor and administrators.
  • Competitively priced and offers special deals for new businesses.
  • Enables seamless, cross-location communication between management and employees. 

"The in-app bulletin board was the deciding factor for me," says Christian. "It's really helpful. We currently use it every day to share daily promotions with all our colleagues as part of Black Friday." 

The rapid acceptance of the new solution by employees was reflected in a smooth implementation phase. Even non-tech-savvy employees found their way around the new system easily.

"Everything went smoothly. Our colleagues received an email, clicked the link and installed the app."

There's more to come

In the future, the franchise is planning to further optimise its operational workflows. This includes reducing Christina's workload in terms of administrating the time recording and administrative tasks.

As Christian explains, they're also aiming for more precise workforce planning, ensuring that their stores are optimally staffed at all times.

"With tamigo, we want to schedule based on demand to avoid both overstaffing and understaffing."  

Do you want to optimise your workforce management with tamigo and increase your operational efficiency? Book a free demo today to discuss your requirements with one of our specialists. 

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