How Bolia solved their overstaffing issues with tamigo

Bolia has been at the forefront of Scandinavian design for over twenty years.

Founded in the Danish city of Aarhus, they now have dozens of retail stores in eleven European markets. And a global reach through their webshop and network of dedicated dealers. 

Excel wasn't up to scratch

This impressive journey hasn’t been without its challenges.

As they grew, Bolia had to keep a firm handle on all their stores’ workforce management. But they couldn't keep relying on Excel.

As HR Director Anette Sørensen explains, "it was just an overview of who was working when". Operational transparency was hard to come by.

Their solution of choice was tamigo.


An instant impact on staff costs

In 2018, Bolia’s head office in Aarhus decided to drill down into productivity and wage percentages.

“Some of the stores were challenged”, says Anette, “as they used more hours than they were budgeted”.

So, head office sent out a request to all their European stores: start adding your hourly budget in tamigo.

“By adding budgets, and by comparing it to the expected productivity and the planned hours vs. the budget in tamigo, we got the right insights for us to benchmark and help stores plan within the budgets.”

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New insights for store managers

In addition, store managers themselves got a clearer view of the cost of shifts during the planning phase. Using tamigo’s activities feature, they could then demonstrate to HQ how their schedules were aligning with the company’s goals.

Bolia’s HR Specialist says it made a huge difference.

If a store has been planning more hours than budgeted, we can always find the reason, since the store managers will register time on activities. This gives us the needed transparency in HQ and across all our stores.

Heidi Bøgelund, HR Specialist, Bolia


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