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tamigoDec 6, 2021 11:16:24 AM2 min read

How Hotel des Nordens schedules for the summer holidays

Where do Danes go to relax? Hotel des Nordens is one attractive and very convenient option. Sitting just 200 metres across the border into Germany, it boasts a bounty of wellness facilities, including spas, solariums and Northern Germany's largest heated outdoor pool.

The hotel has been using tamigo since 2010.

As General Manager Ricco Alvarez explains, its previous workforce management was a mix of Excel and an old-fashioned timeclock. Now schedules are planned with tamigo’s cloud-based tools, and its 80+ staff clock-in and out with tamigo’s digital timeclock — set up on a screen in the canteen.


Shift planning with staffing profiles

Hotel des Nordens welcomes lots of Danish and German families during the school holidays. 

These kinds of seasonal peaks are always hard to plan for. One tamigo feature that helps is staffing profiles. Based on a company’s own imported data, such as sales or footfall, it presents recommended staffing vs. actual staffing numbers visually inside tamigo

I check the staffing profiles in the rota to make sure that we’ve scheduled the necessary people. The graphs above the rota give me a good overview, so I can get in touch with the responsible department manager if there’s a planned day that looks understaffed.

Ricco Alvarez
General Manager, Hotel des Nordens

Absence management is another element to consider when planning for high season. With tamigo, staff request time off through the tamigo app. The manager gets a notification on their device and can choose whether to approve or reject.

“I’m the approver for all the employees’ requests for vacation,” explains Ricco. “It’s easy for me to get the transparent overview I need of who is requesting absence and when.”

Staff self-service with the app

Before tamigo, Hotel Des Nordens used spreadsheets to plan shifts. So updating hours and notifying staff of those changes were two very different processes. Now it’s all part of one seamless flow, with staff receiving notifications of updates in their app.

“We can make instant changes”, says Ricco “and our employees know straight away.” It’s just a much simpler way for staff to keep on top of their hours. “They find it easy to check their upcoming shifts, flex hours and overtime.”

Beyond scheduling staff, the app improves communication across the business (which is a great way to boost employee engagement). The hotel management can add important information, such as updated hygiene policies, to the app’s front page. When employees open up the app, it’s the first thing they see.  

Update: We caught up with Hotel des Nordens again in 2023, to see how their use of WFM software has changed. Read the new customer story here. 


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